Hot crows.

It's been a strange week... First of all it's been hot.  Like twenty degrees hotter than normal (i.e. 100 degrees).   Second, my friends are still in town and I'm trying to hang out with them whenever I'm not working.  Third, I found a house!  Been wading through all kinds of paperwork and signing stuff and all that nonsense.

Anyway, yesterday when I got home from work the neighborhood crows were panting...

It was about 7:00 and the thermometer still read 96...  This next crow seems to have some growths near its mouth..

Alright, now I have to go fax 22 pages of mumbo jumbo to someone, and then head over to the house for the inspection.  I assure you I will have more birdy goodness to share soon... Till then, enjoy this sticker I noticed on my morning dog walk:

Good times!