Random stuff from the last month.

A month ago I went to Newport with some friends to chase a bird that goes by the name Mr. Costa, rather unimaginative compared to his yard companion's name of Piglet (an Orange-crowned Warbler).  Anyhow, we showed up and the bird was there and birding was easy that day.

I haven't had a lot of interest in chasing birds lately but having dipped on this Costa's back in March with Audrey I was determined to finally look at it.  We walked up the road so Sarah could get Audrey her state Virginia Rail and found some other stuff too, like a Red-shouldered Hawk.

Because of this weird lack of interest in chasing birds I could not muster any sort of excitement when a Virginia's Warbler showed up in Portland.  Ten days after it was first reported I finally went to look at it with Jacob.  It showed up at a suet cage exactly as reported.  Meh. 

It was a lifer but I still lacked enthusiasm. 

In other news I have been doing some more work in my future 5-mile Radius and I think I even found what I am going to call my patch.  It's a piece of the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail about a mile and a half from Jacob's house called Meadowbrook Marsh Park.  There is the main bike path through it along with some smaller trails, plus a duck pond and a marshy field. 

My first time there netted me 31 species which is decent enough for the time of year.  A sampling:

Steller's Jay

This Cooper's Hawk flew in when I pished

Fox Sparrows are pleasantly abundant here

 Mmmm Merlin

The other day I decided to try walking there from the house with Ralph and it only took about 30 minutes.  I'm leaning towards starting a new motorless list for 2018 with a place like that so close. 

Yesterday I took Jake for a walk at Columbia Springs, another future 5MR spot.  It was a fairly tame walk but at the end we found an American Dipper working a tiny creek that drains into one of the fish tanks.  5MR dipper is a wonderful thing.

My current 5MR still needs attention so I made a trip recently to Blue Lake Park.  I was psyched to see a wigeon that looked interesting on the far side of the lake. 

Promising backside

 Denied.  Hybrid.  Face pattern like an American, backside like Eurasian.

I made my way all the way to the eastern end of the lake where more wigeons were hanging out. 

 Horrible photo of a real Eurasian!  Species #100 for me at Blue Lake, plus a 5MR year bird. 

One last outing, a trip to Steigerwald Lake NWR a couple weeks ago.  Nothing rare but plenty of good regular birds.


Cinnamon spice Teal

Hairy Woodpecker hiding from a scrub-jay.

Now I'm all caught up for the month.  Good times!!


  1. You know how to pish in Cooper's Hawks?! I wonder if it would work on a Goshawk...

  2. Yay! 100! I'm glad you could find one more for your patch! Also I love the Kestrel photo :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, now to get to 100 in my new patch...

  3. Good stuff. Congrats on patch bird #100 and yes yes yes to motorless listing again!

    1. I thought you might support that plan! I'm excited.

  4. Ohhh that Costa's is to die for!

  5. Oh my, what geri birding!!!

    Cool hybrid wigeon. Murica in the front, Euro in the rear.

    I checked my current 5MR, it probably does not have everything but Im at 134. There is work to be done.


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