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September birds

 September has been a long weird month but at least there have been a ton of good birds! I'll get to those in a second. First, this October I will be challenging myself to a 5MR Big October. This means I'll be birding my 5MR(s) like wild trying to beat my previous October 5MR totals: 89 in my Vancouver, WA 5MR and 83 in my Lincoln City 5MR.  It will be fun and there will be rare birds!* *Rare birds not guaranteed.  If you want to give it a go as well then all you need to do is go birding! eBird is the easiest way to keep track of things and I recently added some new eBird tips to the 5MR FAQ page. You can share your finds in the Facebook group (I abandoned FB earlier this year but the group is still going strong) or on Instagram (find me at @iusedtohatebirds) or your local birding lists. Also the eBird October Big Day is October 9th this year which could make for a fun 5MR Big Day.  Ok, back to September! I had to spend more time in Vancouver than LC this month which gave me

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